Private Equity and Reorientation  

Engineering services
Via its S-IG Sommer Ingenieur GmbH & CO KG subsidiary, S-VG has access to a distinct network of highly qualified engineers with many years of experience. These highly skilled experts can draw on substantial knowledge in the restructuring and reorientation of production companies. S-IG works together with a large number of independent managers and specialists that can be integrated into projects on an if-and-when-needed basis. Managing and monitoring building projects is another of our core skills.

A crisis represents a unique opportunity to reorganize and re-align companies to meet new needs and circumstances. Drawing on
S-VG's considerable experience of identifying crisis signals and initiating change within companies, S-VG focuses on mobilizing
the resources that are always contained within the business to ensure that things are turned around.

The S-VG group provides professional input and support to business people during the reorientation and the implementation of change processes.

S-VG's team of business economists, external lawyers, engineers and experienced specialists from each area of industry has been put together to ensure that its clients' projects are successful.

Reorganising and continuing to trade during insolvency
S-VG cooperates with lawyers on projects involving companies that are insolvent and in crisis. On behalf of the insolvency administrator and together with these associate companies, S-VG sets about creating restructuring concepts in insolvent medium-sized and large companies and continuing the parts of the business that can be saved. To this end, then, S-VG is involved in the classic corporate restructuring processes and crisis-management tasks associated with management tasks in already insolvent companies. All of the opportunities arising out of the insolvency code are used
to save companies or company divisions. In this regard, insolvency money in the provisional proceedings and other employment
law-related reorganisation possibilities play an essential role.

Developing and introducing of planning instruments is associated
with tight controlling, liquidity and personnel planning and the formulation of continuation scenarios designed to safeguard all vital company functions (basic supplies, securing orders, arranging deals with suppliers, employee motivation, etc.).

Temporary managers
By cooperating with STRIVE AG ( and well-known placement agencies for temporary managers, S-VG is always able to make sure that restructuring measures are executed drawing on the skills and expertise of a suitable manager.

At the same time, the S-IG subsidiary provides professional input
and support until the implementation of the reorganisation plan can
be measured on a lasting basis.

Mergers & acquisitions
Reorganizing and restructuring entire company groups or independent business divisions successfully serves in creating a basis upon which companies can be put into the hands of a suitable investor at a highly increased value.

One of S-VG Group's core activities is locating investors and providing professional input and support during the selling phase. These activities include organising detailed (legal, environmental, financial) due diligences and directing sales negotiations.

Private equity
Via its STRIVE AG strength-risk-venturing ( subsidiary, Starnberg, the S-VG Group is interested in using its own financial resources and management capacities to acquire an interest in companies looking for support in their development and success.

Management of own assets
S-VG holds a number of stakes in companies, which it manages
and administrates independently. For the most part these are property administration, residual material recycling and advertising industry companies.